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GV - Incentive Grant
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Our mission:​

​The Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Healthy Living Program Serving Cherokee County goals align with and enhance the mission of Cherokee County Health Services Council. Our work is to prevent and reduce tobacco use and obesity across Oklahoma. The goal of our work is to create and support an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice and healthy options are available and accessible.


-Cherokee Nation


-Tahlequah Bringing Everyone’s Strengths Together (B.E.S.T)


-Administration (SAMHSA) Drug Free Communities Grant. 


​-Northeastern State University


-City of Tahlequah Municipal Government

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Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust:   




Tobacco Stops With Me: 




Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:




Shape Your Future:   

Carol Choate-

Program Coordinator

Courtney Hamby- Assistant Coordinator

Lora Buechele-

Assistant Coordinator


Our work is focused in areas where it can provide the most impact on health.


Health businesses promote healthy living by health protection and disease prevention initiatives.

Community Institutions/Organizations-

In Cherokee county there are several organizations and institutions that provide a broad range of improving healthy living.

Cities and Governments-

Public policies play a major role in creating environments that support healthy living. 


Schools are crucial players in helping ensure the health of their students by taking steps to assure that students avoid tobacco use, increase physical activity and eat healthy foods. 

Public Health 

Individuals with lower levels of education and income are more likely to smoke and lower socioeconomic status is associated with sedentary lifestyle as well as poor nutrition. It is the following public health issues that drive the Healthy Living Program,


What is Shape Your Future?

-A community health education intervention that encourages Oklahomans to eat better, move more and be tobacco free
-It provides simple messaging for moms and influencers in the lives of children to eat more fruits and vegetables and to be more physically active to improve overall health. 
-SYF strives to educate parents, teachers, caregivers and all Oklahomans on how to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

What can you do to change the way you live?

​ -Eating whole grain cereals instead of sugary cereals
-Trying a whole wheat bagel instead of a cinnamon roll
-Moving during TV commercial breaks instead of sitting still
-Drinking water instead of soda (or other sugary drinks)
-Snacking on unsalted mixed nuts instead of sugary candy
-Taking a walk break instead of a smoke break 
-Taking more family walks while talking about ideas for healthy meal options
Cooking healthy meals together as a family (get the kids involved)

Here are some links to learn more about Shape Your Future:


For a complete list of healthy lifestyle swaps:


For a long list of healthy hacks for busy parents: